The Monologues and their Authors 2018

From the light hearted, to the hilarious, the profound, the tragic and the uplifting, these monologues bring to life the moments of all women, young and old.

All these monologues were heard for the first time at The Monologue Adventure, May 13, 15 and 17 @Studio MV, Parramatta Road, Sydney.


The Carrot: Kerry Fair, Walcha, NSW

A light-hearted look at the trials of writing. ‘Writing is like a twin sibling. We often bicker and call each other names, but we share our deepest thoughts and we’d be lost without each other!’


My Secret Affair with Dame Edna: Michelle Reidy, The Entrance, NSW

April discovers true love in an unexpected place during the worst male drought of her life.

Leviticus: Siobhan Colman, Blacktown, Sydney, NSW

A young lesbian is afraid after a murder in a town where there are rules about purity.

How Not to Confess: Michiko Parnell, Dianela, Perth, WA

A single mistake changes everything between a young woman, her boyfriend, and his dog.

Shock Treatment: Lliane Clarke, Petersham, Sydney, NSW

It’s hard to be in a hurry in Intensive Care.


The Greyhound, the Dark-Bearded Man and the Wind: Hasitha Adhikariarachchi, Meadowbank, NSW

Helen asks Karma to avenge her betrayal in her final hours.

The Cold Streak: Emma Graham, Newcastle, NSW

Adelaide has been preparing for her date with a bottle of whiskey and her cat Frank.

My Empty Embrace: Rebecca Ryall, Nimbin, NSW

An intimate portrait of love and loss, and the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship.

Picture Perfect: Maura Pierlot, Canberra, ACT

Convinced she is fat, teenager Reena is trying to market a better version of herself online.

Tonight’s Performance: You’ve Definitely Got Rabies: Ashley Kalaigan-Blunt, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW

A moment of weakness on a vacation in Bhutan keeps a young woman up all night.


The Year of the Dog: Susan Francis, Newcastle, NSW

Olivia is happy to find herself surrounded by dogs – it’s just that they are everyone else’s.

The Boy from the Bus: Jude Bridge, Kewdale, Perth, WA

Teenager Ally is determined to do things her way, popcorn and all.

Stage Fright: Britnie Jasmine-Johnston, Preston, Melbourne VIC

Jenna enters into a D&M with her vagina as she awaits the results of pregnancy test.


Cup in Hand: Anne Casey, Northbridge, Sydney, NSW

A literary soliloquy exploring a woman’s life lived fully, using the metaphor of a cup.