The author is you

From the light hearted, to the hilarious, the profound, the tragic and the uplifting, monologues bring to life the moments of all women, young and old. All women writers are welcome to submit – it’s free.

What is the theme?

This year we are extending the genres to include both non-fiction and fiction and experimental genres and comedy is also welcome. The monologues should make a loose and free reference to the theme STORMY SEAS, SAFE HARBOUR. Perhaps it is a metaphor for a journey, perhaps a relationship, perhaps a time in your life, or a moment in history.

Monologues should not have been published before and be 750 words maximum – this means they will be no longer than 5 minutes spoken (last year we had to make a lot of cuts to fit them into the time). Your submitted monologue must be in the first person and be spoken by a woman’s voice.  Monologues will remain the copyright of the author.

Some edits may be suggested for the writers to take on board during the assessment and actors workshops.

Submission of the monologue will require permission for the piece to be performed at a ticketed event in Sydney and possibly Nowra and Dubbo. Publication of the monologues on this website will also form part of the agreement.

Please download this pdf to share with your friends and networks: poster 2019.

Monologues must be accompanied by the Submission Form which contains all the details: 2019 submission form the monologue adventure

What is a monologue?

A monologue in this project is a speech, a narrative, in the first person that can stand alone, read out aloud by actors. All the monologues must be in the first person and be spoken by a woman’s voice. Poetic form will be considered in exceptional circumstances. The form of your monologue depends on who you are talking to:

  • Talking directly to your audience (called a soliloquy)
  • Talking directly to another second person or group in a story (called a dramatic monologue)
  • Talking to yourself, or nobody in particular, sharing thoughts and associations passing through your mind (called an interior monologue)

The monologues can be in any genre, as long as they are about women’s lives and told in the first person by a woman:

  • Non-fiction real life – this happened to me and I am telling you a story about it.
  • Fiction – a character you have created, also can be a historical character you have created from the past.
  • Topical or political – this is my opinion I am going to tell a story about
  • Comedic – this is a story with humour at its heart
  • Experimental – my story is using innovative and experimental forms

Two important points to keep in mind that will help the audience:

  • Who are you? Don’t forget to let us know who your speaker is.

  • Why do you want to share this? What is the emotional impact?

Read about the 2018 authors and their monologues here.

Please don’t hesitate to email any questions: