No, no, no, go, go go! Wait! Did I say that out loud? Did he hear me? No… he couldn’t have, that’s the front door shutting. Calm down, deep breaths just like she said deep breaths, one-two-three-four-five-six….Okay! That’s the car starting, he’s gone over the bump on the driveway. Thank God!

Quick, quick, hurry, don’t worry, it will be okay she said we will be okay. The chair, drag the chair to the window – oww! My arm – that hurt, right on the burn, now it’s bleeding! WHAT AM I DOING? Calm down, its going to be okay, just concentrate. We’re going to be okay. Chair to the window, where are my shoes? I forgot, they’re in the hallway, in case he noticed they were gone. deep breath, climb on the chair. Oh my God, I bumped my belly, give me strength, my belly is so big, but my body is so skinny. Open the window, rain’s coming in, the carpet is wet. he’ll be so angry. Stop! Concentrate! Push the grill harder. It. Must. Move! I loosened the plaster all week. Where did I put that the fork I used? Oh, oh, lightning, someone may see me. PUSH! Its fallen into the garden. Did someone hear me? No, the thunder was too loud. Stop, listen! Did I hear something? No, just the rain.

Climb on the sill, careful, both legs over, careful, hold my belly. What am I doing? I’m all wet, legs wet, belly wet. I should go back inside, at least the room is dry, I don’t think I can jump, it’s too high, what if I fall? On my tummy. He’ll find me and I’ll be in here, locked up again, I can’t bear it, stop thinking!  one, two, three….. Okay, jump, its not too far to the ground, don’t think, just jump!

Aaaah, it hurts, knees hurt, tummy touched the ground, palms hurt. Did anyone hear me? No. Thunder, the thunder was too loud. Thank God! It’s so dark, I can’t see through the rain. Keep moving, hold onto the wall, feels rough, turn the corner, hurry to the back gate. feet hurt, ouch, something bit me, or was it a broken bottle? Keep moving, she’ll be waiting. Here’s the gate, where’s the latch, I can’t see the latch, I see the latch, lift it. The gate creaks, someone will hear me. But no, the thunder, is too loud, thank God!

Lights, coming towards me, is it him? Please God, don’t let it be him. She said she would be there, she would wait. Is it her, is it? I can’t see, the lights are moving closer. What if it isn’t her, what if it’s someone else? they’ll see me and stop, then I’ll have to go back in. Aaah, the lightning, yes, I can see it, it’s her car, the red car, the red car! And her face, she looks so pale., she’s slowing down, hurry, hurry.

Open the door, OPEN the door, let me in! Shut the door, did anyone hear me? The thunder was too loud! Go, go, drive! I’m safe, we’re safe, thank you, THANK YOU!