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Short film, podcast and plastic works take over Articulate in August 2020

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The love and bewilderment of motherhood, the journeys of strong First Nations women, exposing domestic violence, celebrating the bonds of friendship, the plastic in our ocean, the beauty of music, not to mention the historic period we are living under – Corona.

Responding to the challenges of Corona, Voices of Women at Articulate brings Australian women’s lives and their creativity sharply into the spotlight to launch a film, exhibition and podcast.

Voices of Women has transformed its annual writing competition, performances of live rehearsed readings and artist collaboration into a powerful and magnetic Corona program.

  • Short film CLEARWAY (Corona) streaming for two nights only
  • Rox De Luca’s work at Articulate in Leichhardt
  • Apple podcast of new short Australian stories 

‘This program is about stories unique to Australian women and speak of our real life and our imagined lives, coming together in a collage that is diverse, from women of all ages, backgrounds and talents. It’s a celebration of our differences and our commonality, the challenges and moments of beauty from our unique and personal perspectives,’ said Voices of Women Director Lliane Clarke.


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Streamed only across two nights, this film explores short, punchy monologues about life’s spectrum written by Australian women all over the country. 

Bringing the stories to life are outstanding Australian theatrical and film actors Julia Christensen, Claudette Clarke and Bellatrix Scott, alongside two award-winning poets – First Nations writer Kirli Saunders and leading Australian and Irish poet Anne Casey .

The film interweaves the performers with solo musicians playing new Australian music by composer Elizabeth Jigalin, set against a backdrop of sculptural forms by renowned artist Rox De Luca that draw attention to the serious global issue of plastic waste.

Dates and Times
Thursday 27 August at 6pm AEST
Friday 28 August at 6pm AEST
Ticket price supports working artists. Booking fee goes to close the education gap for young women.
Tickets: https://events.humanitix.com/clearway-corona

Rox De Luca, ‘Still gleaning for plastic on the beach’

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Rox De Luca, ‘Still gleaning for plastic on the beach’ is open at Articulate from 14 August – 30 August. Rox collects the plastic that would be adrift in the ocean and creates stunning sculptures.

‘On Bondi Beach, my local beach for a time it seemed that beachgoers couldn’t maintain the new normal of ‘social distancing’. So the Council closed the beach. It is open now. Given that closure of Bondi Beach, I went for solo walks to Rose Bay Beach where I could discreetly continue to glean for plastic on the beach. That is my everyday work practice.

‘At times I combine coastal plastics I find in my daily walks with pristine single-use industrial plastics I source from other places. Sometimes I use these bits on their own.’

Dates and Times
Open 14 – 30 August.
Open Saturday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm (or other times by arrangement with the artist). 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt. Free.

Voices of Women PODCAST of short Australian stories

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There are so many stories to tell, we had to launch a podcast here. Short pieces, poems and interviews are released on Apple read by actors and performers: a series to capture your imagination and transport you to another world.

Contact: Lliane Clarke, Director and Producer
e: monologue@optusnet.com.au
0423 853 210


Voices of Women is excited to announce the third series of performances in 2020. The unique performances celebrate fast fiction, slam readings and pop up performance.

Friday 20 March + Saturday 21 March + Sunday 22 March

Friday 3 April + Sunday 5 April
Articulate Project Space, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW.

Experience two multi-sensory shows that powerfully express our humanity, humour and hope. Each performance presents ten different short stories written by Australian women who responded to a national call for submissions, performed in live readings by powerful theatrical and improvisation actors. A selection of works by First Nations women writers including Kirli Saunders, Anne-Marie Te Whiu and Brenda Saunders commences the readings.

The stories are infused with music for roaming flutes and piano written by contemporary composer Elizabeth Jigalin. All set against a backdrop of sculptural forms by Rox De Luca, that draw attention to the serious global issue of plastic waste.

You will find all the information here: https://voiceswomen.com//

You can subscribe here:  https://voiceswomen.com//contact/

We look forward to meeting you!

best wishes
Lliane Clarke

Submissions open for 2020!

76 Monologue Adventures, May 12, 2019_Noni Carroll Photography-

Voices of Women is excited to announce the third, annual, national writing competition in 2020. This unique competition celebrates fast fiction, slam readings and pop up performance events as it calls for short pieces in the first person to be read by professional actors.

CLEARWAY: create the space is an unusual and unique writing method that calls for writers to create ‘to the space’. Unlike most writing competitions, it has an open theme – all topics are considered – but the writers must choose from three voices and interpret them as wildly and playfully as they like.

Jump over to our NEW WEBSITE and subscribe to ensure you are up to date with all the competition details!

You will find all the information here: https://voiceswomen.com//

You can subscribe here:  https://voiceswomen.com//contact/

We look forward to hearing from you at our NEW WEBSITE!

best wishes
Lliane Clarke


Publishing the stories!

We are excited to publish all the stunning stories from this year’s Monologue Adventure: Voices of Women. Four have been selected by Verity La Creative Journal.

Read all the stories HERE!

Check out the photo gallery HERE!

Over 166 submissions and 20 stories performed. The performances and stories were moving, inspiring, funny and came from diverse communities all over Australia.

Our actors Sage Godrei, Julia Christensen, Umima Shah-Munro and Clare Grant, with Guest Artist Teena McCarthy were intensely engaging. The audience said they loved the way that the Leichhardt Town Hall was momentarily turned into a lounge room! Photographer Noni Carroll captured the event beautifully.

Thank you to everyone who came along, helped out in kind, supported the event publically, and took part in this year’s Monologue Adventure: Voices of Women.

What’s next? We are talking to our partners and networks about ideas for next year, to create another extraordinary cross platform, multi disciplinary Adventure in 2020. Our aims are to tour the performances, and to develop Adventures for specific communities. We’ll keep you in the loop!

In the meantime, if you would like to become involved in The Adventure, we are creating a not for profit organisation that can apply for sources of funding and philanthropy, please keep in contact. And if you would like to support the Adventure to pay the artists and venues, please consider a donation.

Stay in touch! 

See you at the next Adventure!

best wishes,
Lliane Clarke

One week to go!

This time next week the Leichhardt Town Hall in the inner west of Sydney will come alive with stories of women all over Australia over two performances on Mothers Day Sunday 12 May and one performance Monday 13 May.

Tickets online HERE












The Monologue Adventure encouraged all writers, including First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTI communities and people living with disabilities, to take part.  An amazing 166 monologues were submitted this year, of which 20 were selected to be presented live.

Women have always had powerful stories to share. And the act of writing is itself an empowerment, whether or not it leads to an outcome of commercial or artistic merit.

This year the theme was Stormy Seas, Safe Haven, which the writers responded to by expressing their own tempestuous lives, relationships, situations and moments of peace and reconciliation. The readings are structured around the movement of a wave breaking out at sea, the foaming violence of the wave top, the sliding green power of the water and pools of stillness.

The Monologue Adventure comes from the tradition of slam poetry and fast forward theatre. However, a unique part of its identity is the performance of the monologues in rehearsed readings by professional actors and artists. This year we are presenting five incredibly powerful women actors and performance artists to bring the monologues to life – Clare Grant, Julia Christensen, Sage Godrei, Umima Shah-Munro and performance artist Teena McCarthy. Read about them here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience live the stories of the lives we are living. See you there!

Tickets online HERE.

Watch the video from last year HERE!

Supported by Inner West Council #edgeinnerwest, Writing NSW, Verity La, Orana Arts.





Powerful, real, intimate, explosive: writers announced for 2019

Great news! We are excited to announce the final 20 writers in this year’s Monologue Adventure Voices of Women.

Submitted by 166 women writers all over Australia, the monologues explore the stormy seas and the safe havens of life. The stories and characters express the very real and powerful, intimate and explosive situations and imaginative journeys of women in Australia: yearning for home, a Stolen Generations memory, a hilarious attempt at predictive text, Beethoven and divorce, racism in the street and in job interviews, escaping an abusive relationship, jealousy, climate change, Instagram and breaking up, and more.

The writers include First Nations writers, emerging and established authors and writers from diverse cultural backgrounds. The women come from across the nation: from Kalamunda in Western Australia, Hallet Cove in South Australia, Lyra via Ballandean, Moreton Bay and Brisbane in Queensland, Newcastle, Young, Stanwell Park, Blacktown and Sydney in New South Wales, Canberra in the ACT, and Sale, Melbourne and Spotswood in Victoria.

Read about the writers and their stories HERE.

After sell out shows in 2018, this year the readings will transform Leichhardt Town Hall with five amazing women performers.

The readings are presented by four extraordinarily talented women actors: the amazing Julia Christensen, Sage Godrei, Clare Grant and Umima Shah-Munro and performance artist and artist Teena McCarthy.













Grab a ticket and join us at The Monologue Bar before or after each show.

Tickets online HERE.

Supported by Writing NSW, Inner West Council, Orana Arts, Verity La.

Teena McCarthy and Umima Shah-Munro join The Monologue Adventure


We’ve had over 166 submissions this year, twice the amount of last year, from women all over Australia. Submissions are now closed, and our actors are all confirmed!

The stories have come from states all over Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland and NSW, Victoria and South Australia. The stories come from regional and urban areas, and are being curated now and the results will be in on April 26. We will be selecting 20 stories, each 3 minutes, to create a stunning event of just an hour. The stories range across all of our lives and are written from the heart. The final list will be published here on April 26.

We’re excited this year to present five performing artists to bring these stories to life: Julia Christensen, Umima Shah-Munro, Teena McCarthy, Clare Grant and Sage Godrei. Read all about these amazing women here.

The Inner West Council #edgeactivation will see the monologues and stories read in Leichhardt Town Hall, transformed into an intimate space for the stories. Don’t forget to say for the conversation at The Monologue Bar.

We look forward to seeing you on May 12 or May 13. Tickets are selling now, so ensure you have a seat for THE MONOLOGUE ADVENTURE: VOICES OF WOMEN online here.







Tickets are live

Tickets go live for The Monologue Adventure 2019! BOOK NOW! 

As submissions come thick and fast for this year’s Monologue Adventure, we’re excited to announce the tickets for the readings are now live. Be immersed for just under an hour in intimate readings of powerful short stories in the first person on MAY 12 and MAY 13.

Submitted by women writers all over Australia, the monologues explore the stormy seas and the safe havens of life. After sell out performances in 2018, this year the readings will transform Leichhardt Town Hall, part of #edge supported by Inner West Council. The monologues cover the stormy seas and safe havens of our lives and range from topics as diverse as the Stolen Generation, the Barrier Reef, struggling with auto text on mobile phones, LGBTIQ+ stories, relationships with mothers, fathers, daughters, friendships that stand the test of time and more.

The readings are presented by four powerful women actors: the amazing Julia Christensen, Sage Godrei, Clare Grant and Umima Shah-Munro.

We are excited to welcome Umima Shah-Munro this year. Umima Shah-Munro is a 20 year old  Indigenous woman from Darwin, N.T. Umima has been in a number of Browns Mart Theatre Productions in Darwin, her most notable role being Tituba in The Crucible. Umima is currently in first year at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) undertaking the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting).

The stories will be curated on April 14, and we will be releasing the results of the final readings then. Verity La creative arts online journal will also curate the top 5 and publish on their amazing website and the final stories will be published here on Content and Cultural Projects.

READ MORE about the actors and read more about stories as they are decided: bit.ly/monologueadventure.

BOOK NOW. Enjoy the conversation at The Monologue Bar afterwards!

Announcing our first three actors

We are excited to announce our first three actors for this year’s performances of The Monologue Adventure: Voices of Women at Leichhardt Town Hall. 







Julia Christensen (left) is a graduate of NIDA (Acting, 2015), having also trained in London with RADA and Central School of Speech and Drama. She is one half of the company ‘Sexually Transmitted Politics’. Julia has performed and devised for theatres around Australia including King’s Cross Theatre, The Old 505, 45 Downstairs, Glen Street Theatre, The New Theatre, Chippen Street Theatre, Giant Dwarf, Depot Theatre and PACT.

Clare Grant (centre) performed in The Monologue Adventure 2018 and is back again in 2019. Clare has been involved in the creation of new works for theatre, radio and film for many years. She worked for two years with KISS Theatre Group in Europe. She was a founding member of The Sydney Front. Her solo performance Woman in the Wall has been presented in Sydney and in New Zealand. She was Co-director then Artistic Director of Playworks (1994-7) and served on the Theatre Committee of the NSW Arts Advisory Council (1994-6) and Theatre Fund, Australia Council (1996-99). Other performance work includes Burn Sonata (1998) and Inland Sea (devised with and directed by Nikki Heywood) (2000), Laquiem (composed and directed by Andree Greenwell from writing by Kathleen Mary Fallon) (1999). She has collaborated with John Gillies on the live performance of Prelude to the Mary Stuart Tapes 1998 and 1999 and the film The Mary Stuart Tapes (Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals) (2000). Clare has been a lecturer in performance at UNSW since 1998. In 2012 she published an 8-pack collection of DVDs and archival documents on the work of The Sydney Front.

Sage Godrei (right) completed a Bachelor of Arts with a Screen Studies major and Acting electives at Murdoch Uni, Perth W.A. She has since completed short courses at 16th Street in Melbourne and Masterclasses with Howard Fine, Ira Seidenstein, Kate Gaul and more. Sage has performed at the Sydney Opera House for Alex Brun’s ONENESS: A Voice Without Form, The Rocks Village Bazaar for Mongrel Mouth’s The Age of Entitlement, Archway 1 Theatre and in several of her own theatre conceptions which she writes and produces through her company On the Cusp Productions. Sage has played 4 major roles in feature films one of which has gained distribution in cinemas nationally March 2019. This year Sage has also released a comedy web series she wrote / directed and starred in called COCO the Micro Series. She will also produce / direct a children’s theatre show funded by the Inner West Council.

We have received over 50 submissions, four weeks out from the closing date of 14 April 2019. Make sure we have your submission! Download the submission form here.

This year the Adventure moves to the Leichhardt Town Hall as part of the Inner West Council’s EDGE Activation program. Two performances will take place on Sunday 12 May, and one performance on Monday 13 May.  Reserve your seat here.

Monologue Adventure accepted into EDGE Activation

We are excited that The Monologue Adventure moves to the Leichhardt Town Hall this year as part of the Inner West Council’s EDGE Activation program.

It’s a big space, and the challenge is to create intimacy and empowerment within that. The Adventure is absolutely committed to audience immersion, maintaining a sense of direct connection with the text and with the actors within the space. We are going to explore lighting design within that framework and can’t wait to get into the space and play!

The dates for The Monologue Adventure performances at Leichhardt Town Hall this year are again around Mother’s Day. Two performances will take place on Sunday 12 May, and one performance on Monday 13 May. 

From their expert editorial team, Verity La will select, pay and publish the top three writers performed at The Monologue Adventure: Voices of Women.

Called “the future of Australian online publishing” Verity La Creative Journal and the extraordinary team with Michele Seminara have been pushing the boundaries and publishing outstanding Australian and international writers in fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Established in 2010 Verity La is an on-line, no-way-for-profit, creative arts journal, publishing short fiction and poetry, cultural comment, photomedia, reviews, and interviews. As it says on the mast-head, bravery is essential in the Verity La neck of the woods, which means creative risk-taking, freedom, and – above all else – being no one but yourself.

Check out Verity La here and subscribe to their amazing journal. And celebrate!

The Monologue Adventure: Voices of Women Submissions close 14 April, 2019.

Download the entry form here! #getwriting