One week to go!

This time next week the Leichhardt Town Hall in the inner west of Sydney will come alive with stories of women all over Australia over two performances on Mothers Day Sunday 12 May and one performance Monday 13 May.

Tickets online HERE












The Monologue Adventure encouraged all writers, including First Nations, culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTI communities and people living with disabilities, to take part.  An amazing 166 monologues were submitted this year, of which 20 were selected to be presented live.

Women have always had powerful stories to share. And the act of writing is itself an empowerment, whether or not it leads to an outcome of commercial or artistic merit.

This year the theme was Stormy Seas, Safe Haven, which the writers responded to by expressing their own tempestuous lives, relationships, situations and moments of peace and reconciliation. The readings are structured around the movement of a wave breaking out at sea, the foaming violence of the wave top, the sliding green power of the water and pools of stillness.

The Monologue Adventure comes from the tradition of slam poetry and fast forward theatre. However, a unique part of its identity is the performance of the monologues in rehearsed readings by professional actors and artists. This year we are presenting five incredibly powerful women actors and performance artists to bring the monologues to life – Clare Grant, Julia Christensen, Sage Godrei, Umima Shah-Munro and performance artist Teena McCarthy. Read about them here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience live the stories of the lives we are living. See you there!

Tickets online HERE.

Watch the video from last year HERE!

Supported by Inner West Council #edgeinnerwest, Writing NSW, Verity La, Orana Arts.






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