Art changes lives

Art is a powerful mental and physical connect, a way to revitalise, empower and release the potential of everyone, no matter who they are.

As President of Leichhardt Espresso Chorus I have seen many singers come through the community, and the experience of singing and performing has affected their lives on many lives. It’s not just confidence and the ability to make a great sound! It’s more than that. It’s all the benefits of building a community of support, understanding, tolerance and most of all a sense of humour about life!

At the award-winning program Moorambilla Voices, this is played out with young children in primary and high school, where the chance to sing, play taiko and dance is often a revelation to many.  That may not lead to a career in the performing arts, but it might mean a better job interview, a chance at high school captain, standing up at school assembly, or just feeling that it’s okay to be yourself.

At Studio ARTES, the commitment to art in practice for people living with disability is powerful, and across the visual, performing arts has seen many people gain an insight and confidence in themselves that other programs can’t reach. The way that creativity is used in everyday life in the Learning and Life Skills program is also evidence of this.

Photo: Chris Haysom


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